Academic Services

Invited talks/Seminar/Workshopย to be Offered by ICBSMU Research Expo 2014

  • ICBS Seminar on โ€œSystems & Network Biologyโ€ by M. Madan Babu, Ph.D. on 5 August 2014.
  • ICBS seminar session in AOHUPO 2014 at the Miracle Grant between August 6-8th, 2014.
    • Dr. Madan Babu on โ€œSpatial and temporal regulation of intrinsically disordered proteins and implications for human diseases)
    • Dr. Bhoom on โ€œCopy number variable in Thai populationโ€
    • Dr. Duangrudee on โ€œThe art of dissecting the binding affinity: A case study on DHFR-MTX complexesโ€
    • Dr. Varodom on โ€œRegulation of temperature transcriptomes through transcription factor and nucleosome interplayโ€

Software applications

  • BioBank software
  • RedCapย Information Database
  • ThaiCNV Database