Publications (2020)

1.  International Journal Articles 
* Corresponding Author, †Contribute equally, bolded = ICBS authors
1. Tong M., Lee K., Ezer D., Cortijo S., Jung J., Charoensawan V., Box MS., Jaeger KE., Takahashi N., Mas P., Wigge PA., Seo PJ. The Evening Complex Establishes Repressive Chromatin Domains Via H2A.Z Deposition. Plant Physiol., 182(1):612-625. Jan 2020. (Impact factor = 6.305)
2. International Proceedings
1. Liu R., Guo B., Zhang A., Yimwadsana B.*, Research on GPS precise point positioning algorithm with a Sea Surface Height Constraint, Ocean Engineering, Vol. 197 (106826), Feb 2020.
3. Invited/Selected talks at Conferences
1. Charoen P., Contribution of Four Polymorphisms in Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone-Related Genes to Hypertension in a Thai Population. Side meeting in The Prince Mahidol Award Conference: PMAC, Centara Grand Hotel, Thailand. January 2020.